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Latinx Organizing: History, Present, and Future

November 3, 2021

Latinx organizing and movement history in the US & global south and Puerto Rico – 1 hour (Manuel) 

  • Latinx, Afro-latinx, Black organizing history legacy 
  • Moments of Black and latinx organizing and solidarity 
  • International solidarity 
  • Discussion & Reflections – 45 minutes (Lemy) 
    • What are the big questions we need to pose for discussion?
      • How do we engage in principled solidarity with black, indigenous and communities (this question needs work/rephrasing) 
      • What does this mean for latinx organizing right now?
      • What have been the moments you have seen where solidarity works? What did you do? (bring your experience & knowledge)
      • What’s the role of US organizing in connection to global south organizing?
      • What does this mean to you?